History renewed: Updating an Older home for New life...

Simple Elegance: This Capitol Hill home focuses on ample storage allowing owners to have a place to store everything This allows you to focus on all the things that truly matter, not things that don’t.

Architect: First Lamp

We often are asked the question: 

How do I keep the character of my older home yet update it so that it is more convenient and a better representation of the things I want my house to have?  We all love the charm and richness of original millwork, top-nailed oak floors and rich marble counters with a tattered patina that tells a story of use.  With the nostalgia of these item, often spaces are tight, restricted and single use which is at odds with our multi-tasking society that is more integrated than isolated.  

The best projects start with partnering with homeowners, who know what they want, and creating a plan.  Our process focuses on supporting the values of the clients, and the architecture of the home to create new spaces that use traditional materials to create a more open feel and layout.  Often times, materials and are the same, or similar, while the shapes, sizes, colors and installation techniques are different.  Using shiplap on interior walls, adds texture, shows a colored history, and creates a certain charm in a space.  Swapping out small hexogon tiles for larger ones gives the sensation of originality, balanced with a new design and texture.  

Our goal in a remodel like this is simple.  To have homeowners and guest alike, not be able to tell where the original home stops and the remodel begins.  It is a beautiful sequence of exploration as you begin to appreciate the history of the home, supported by the newness change.  


“At it's best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future. "

-William Murtagh

This brand new master bathroom feels historically authentic. It has the stature of being original through the use of paneling, hexogonal floor tiles, marble countertops, tile and classic shaped fixtures.   
Designer: Heidi Caillier Design

**If you or a friend/family/colleage has a home with original character that you/they want to enhance we would love to begin the conversation!  We love walking through homes and seeing how your experience with the home impacts the vision for the possiblities.  Part of our process also involves touring through our past projects so you can see, touch and experience what a renovated home feels like tangibly.  Reach out! We would love to begin the process!

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