Giving Back

Our privilege and civic responsibilty

Whether it is laying bricks in the heat of Africa or staying awake until 3 a.m. to finish a kitchen remodel in Mississippi, RW Anderson Homes considers it a privilege and a civic responsibility to give back. The company annually travels with a non-profit organization, either domestically or abroad, and completes a week-long work trip to provide skills, time and finances for people and places in need.

In 2007, RW Anderson Homes built a dormitory for a young girls’ school in Uganda, and in 2008, the company completely remodeled a home in Jackson, Mississippi for a single mother of three. However, the beneficiaries of these projects are not the only ones who received something.

The company is looking forward to many more work trips in the coming years. Giving back allows the company to learn more lessons than the normal workday often provides. We grow together and as individuals by gaining insight to a different part of the world and its needs.

We leave with an experience that not only positively changed the lives of the people they helped, but also resulted in potentially changing their own. Meeting a sixteen year old with four children in Mississippi or witnessing people in Africa live in poverty but exude joy are powerful moments, and RW Anderson Homes is grateful for the opportunity to learn from them.

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