Maximizing Design, Minimizing Clutter

Simple Elegance: This Capitol Hill home focuses on ample storage allowing owners to have a place to store everything This allows you to focus on all the things that truly matter, not things that don’t.

Architect: First Lamp

In today’s world, we have all grown accustomed to life with a lot of STUFF.

While Beanie Babies, old wine corks, and last years Christmas cards are all essential for survival, many people are searching for a way to end the madness and minimize the chaos!! Assisting with the end goal of a clean design allows us the opportunity to help customers think creatively about the things that matter to them, while developing their home into a space that seeks to balance what is seen and what is not.

Custom homebuilding and renovations allow customers the unique ability to plan ahead for many challenges that are often over looked. Areas we are often asked to help design are kitchens. People are tired of being forced into a non-ideal layout in a kitchen created for a different lifestyle. We are able to assist in re- imagining old spaces full of limitations by creating beautiful kitchens where every necessary item (even unnecessary items) has a dedicated home, out of site, allowing you to highlight and showcase what you do want to see. This process of “Maximizing Design,” when applied to a home in its entirety, has a cascading effect that leaves homeowners enjoying the reward of a clutter free environment.


“Out of clutter find simplicity, From discord find harmony, In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"


This Kitchen is fully optimized. It takes advantage of tall ceilings and all available cabinet space to store both the beautiful artifacts in a kitchen as well as hiding the doilies and Christmas placemats that are seldom used!
Architect: First Lamp | Interior Designer: Kimberlee Marie Interiors

**If you are experiencing the ill effects of clutter or know someone else who is, we would love to sit down to discuss the possibilities. Your home, likely, has all of the space potential to solve your storage needs. Working with great partners in architecture and interior design, we can create a plan that maximizes the design of your home to create a better environment for you and your family. We are booking work for the winter and spring and would be excited to discuss working with you on your home. Already a past customer? We would love to help you solve any issues produced by a changing life, growing family or new life circumstances!

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Many of you know that we take part in service projects each year. This year we are coming to the aid of YouthCare, a Seattle organization that works to solve homelessness with area Youth by providing job training, shelter and many other valuable skills. More info to come!!
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