A culture of Service: the small things make a BIG difference.

Getting the little details right: Hand hewn wood shelves made by a local woodworker, custom brackets from Etsy, a unique Elm cutting board given as a thank you gift. Wall coverings and utilizing leftover granite all help to shape this kitchen location superb for entertaining.  

Architect: First Lamp Architecture

Designer: Kimberlee Marie Interiors


When you desire to be the best at what you do, you find ways to stand out.

As a custom home-builder and remodeler in the Puget Sound, there are many builders who build great products, but few that find a way to stand out. Our two top differentiators are: design and great service. For the short time I have your attention, we are going to cover what great service means to us, at RW Anderson Homes. 

How do I relay the depth of our commitment to service? If I tell you what I think, it may come across as “salesy” or manufactured. After all, doesn’t everyone believe in customer service? You hear the phrase so often, it feels a bit cheap, lacking inspiration or confidence.  At RW we think of service a bit different. The best way to share with you our commitment is for you to hear unsolicited feedback and expressions from our team members.  Here are real comments from our real carpenters and project managers answering the simple question: What is great service?

  • Great customer service is doing our best to see our clients vision, helping them to see it themselves more clearly, and keeping them well informed as vision transforms into reality.
    • Shane Murray
  • Great customer service means: to exceed customer's expectations, while anticipating their needs, and all the little touches that show that you care. 
    • Colin Coutu


  • Great service is a form of art - it requires a unique approach to each customer in order to provide an experience that exceeds their expectations.  When great service is implemented consistently it goes beyond what people expect and what they're accustomed to and produces a lifelong customer. 
    • Josh Renich
  • Great service is listening to the concerns & wants of the client. 
    • Jean Ann Hodges
  • Great service is going above and beyond the projects set expectations, while keeping an open line of communication with the customer. 
    • Kyle Pierotti
  • Great service is being an excellent student of your customer and understanding what can be done to make it an exceptional experience.  Great service goes beyond what is expected and leaves the customer with an experience that is not easily forgotten. 
    • Braden Sherman

From the trenches, real experiences, and the front lines. Reading these statements, which are stated so honestly, creates so much pride for our company.  It means more when written by those who know what it takes to make great service a reality.

If you're reading this as a past customer, a friend, a designer or a future customer: service is paramount to our company.  It is what we breathe and what has helped sustain us for 20 years!  Your friends, family, and referrals will be taken care of by our team.  It's an honor to be apart of so many stellar projects.  

Great service is a smile, a clean shirt, removing your shoes, working in socks and keeping the baby gate up all while producing a beautifully crafted feature in this Ballard Home.  
Architect: First Lamp Architecture
Designer: Mandy Callaway Interiors
Craftsman: Vitek Finish Work.

Have you checked out our new commercial division?  If not, let me introduce you to W Build.  W Build specializes in building unique, experience-driven commercial spaces.  With a few amazing projects completed, check out our new boutique company at: We would love to introduce you or any potential customers to this new brand, which also specializes in unmatched service in the commercial world.  

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