So what is the Secret Sauce anyway?

Monthly Breakfast meetings!  We've been meeting at Voulas Offshore Cafe, once a month, for almost 10 years.  We have grown from 1 table, to over half of the restaurant.  This is a dual function meeting between company culture and a training we call "The Customer Experience."  The past two years we've transformed the restaurant to celebrate our Christmas parties as well!  

In thinking of what to present this month, I'm moved to highlight the fundamental philosophy our company is built on.  

As a company, the first ingredient to find is the right People.  With the right people, you can do anything.  As homebuilders, the right person is someone who leads others with respect, has an eye for detail, kindness and excitement.  We often joke that you can’t teach someone something their parents didn’t and so we search out those who stand out as great human beings knowing that skills can be learned and taught. 


Once you have the people, you need to provide and steward a great company Culture.  If you provide a great company culture, you retain and attract the right people.  Traditionally this has been spending time together, learning together, growing together, working together.  It has been hanging up the tool bags or laptops and going to a Mariners game, or bowling or throwing axes etc.  During Covid, we’ve been meeting remotely on the MS teams platform inspiring each other with stories about personal development every day.  Our team has grown closer together through this time apart, which seems odd, but true!

When you have the right people, provide a great culture, you have to equip them with the best Training.  I don’t know of any other company that focuses on training their people in all aspects of work and life.  This is perhaps a bit philosophical for a construction newsletter, but the most important thing in life is to become all that you can.  Our typical trainings range from technology and systems, to building-science and ever-changing construction techniques.  We bring in industry leaders to discuss advantages of their products or practices all in order to be better educated and add more value to our customers and their homes.   


When you achieve these first three principles the outcome is Service.  Service is not something you do, service is something that you are.  It is what comes out of you all the time.  For our team, service, is, a bit, like exhaling.  Are we perfect? No.  Do we care deeply and do our best? Resolutely yes!  Service to us, is not limited to just customer service, which is such a common tagline that has lost most of its meaning.  It is having good relationships from start to finish.  We find it in our subcontractors and teammates, our customers, and their neighbors  (mostly).  Done well, this attitude persists in the homes that are created long into the future.  


Company Give Back- Every year we, as a company, give back to those whose full time job is serving and giving.  Last year we donated the full company for 3 days to the Block project to frame and build out 4 backyard cottages that will get placed in Seattle backyards to help provide shelter to those without.  Through the years these projects have ranged from international projects to domestic locations across the country, to our Seattle neighborhoods.  Projects have ranged from ophanages, to food banks, even kid's camps!

So there you have it, the Secret Sauce!!  

You hire the right people who can do the job, you provide a culture so they are connected and excited to do the job, you train them so they are the best at their job and that overflows to create excellent service to everyone on the job especially for those who turn the job into a home, our amazing customers.  

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