The View from the top is worth it!

Where will we go?  The blueprints are the best tool, like a map to show us what the end goal is.  A kitchen, an addition, a new home all are worthy and exciting climbs.  The blueprints show where, show what, and show how to get there.  

When planning a substantial hike, there is a lot to go through.

Where will we go? What will we do? What will we need to bring? What happens if things go poorly on the mountain?


And the best question: “Who will go with me, and guide me?”  Remodeling is a lot like Hiking, let’s take a quick look.  


Where will we go? Just like in hiking, this same question applies to your home.  What project will we do or what is our scope.  The inner dialogue of the customer happens as they continually evaluate the condition of their home, it’s functionality, the things that really aren’t great, aren’t beautiful and are a remnant of a previous owner’s disastrous taste.  It could be the orange carpet, the floral wallpaper, or a galley kitchen that needs to be “opened up!”  


What provisions will we need to take? Most people can get a sense for the basics, or essentials, of what is needed to tackle their project.  Like hiking, the basics are: Food and shelter, naturally, but sturdy shoes, a large backpack and a way to sleep somewhat comfortably are all helpful.  In building the basics are the budget and the timeline and they are made up of the stuff,  Cabinetry, counters, appliances, flooring, some skilled labor, etc. 


Who will lead the excursion?  This is your hike, but when the mountain is tall, or the path is complicated, a guide is crucial. Larger projects, like larger hikes or taller mountains are difficult to rationalize personal execution and an experienced guide is critical.  In building, yep, you need a builder.  Partnering with someone who has gone before and found success can provide you support, encouragement, professional opinion, and help lead you through the unique path of your project. When picking your guide, like picking your builder there are some key things to look at:  

  • Have they been there before or completed projects similar to mine? 
  • Are the last clients still stranded on the mountain somewhere? Does the contractor have great referrals that attest to their guidance?
  • Does the guide understand and explain well, the process, of getting from the couch to the parking lot to the top of the mountain?  Or, does the builder tell you what provisions you need up front (Budget, Timeline), lead you to the project start and illustrate the many phases of a construction project that you’ll experience.  
  • Does the guide prep your expectations for what trials may lay ahead, alternate trails and additional tools that you may need to safely traverse the mountain?  Does the builder have a grasp not just on the things that go well, but the things that can come against you in a way that inspires confidence that they will be able to navigate things well?

All in all at RW Anderson Homes, we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are adequately prepped, that our experience leads to their confidence that they will love their home and have an amazing experience.  Selecting our company over another is a great decision as based on the testimony of other past, happy customers, and having budgets and timelines that reflect an accurate pre-project goal help too.  


Next month we will take the analogy one step further as we start the hike up the mountain!

Top image: Our standard budget format answers the question: What do we need to bring?  Answer: Lots of different things!!  The construction budget is kind of like your packing list and even contains the opportunites for contingency plans should plans change in the middle!
Bottom image: The Construction gantt chart answers the question.  How long should it take and do we have enough supplies?  On long arduous journeys, you factor in breaks, delays, etc.  Like our schedule, they allow for, and require, flexibility, but a plan is in place and a sequence of events is critical to getting from the start to the end of the project!

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