Wedgewood Renovation

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Wedgewood Renovation

What was once a tiny, cramped kitchen is now an entertainer's paradise. Our client loves to cook and bake for her family so making sure the kitchen served her needs was important. With the kitchen, dining room, and family room now in one fluid space, hosting became regular...and enjoyable!

Since the main living area sat above a daylight basement, the kitchen addition created new square footage underneath that we created into a mudroom. This mudroom needed to serve as an additional entrance to the house where the kids could come in and out of with muddy shoes, big coats, and sports equipment. It also needed to have closed storage for those big Costco hauls and a desk space for our client to work at. 

Our clients wanted to make sure their home felt bright airy and with the generous amount of natural light, doing bold color cabinets in the kitchen and mudroom was no problem. Pairing those colors with warm textures, gold accents, and white walls helped balance the cabinet colors. Because the kitchen packed such a punch it was important to use muted tones for the larger furniture pieces in the living and dining room and then bring in pops of color through accessories. This home needed to be durable enough to withstand a family of four with two dogs but also a comfortable, beautiful space for our clients to enjoy. 

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