Remodel Your Basement

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Remodeling your basement can be an invaluable upgrade to your home.

It has the potential to double your square footage and add the space that you need without having to go through the hassle and heartache of moving. And basement remodels are typically much less expensive than building a new addition. Why not utilize the space that you already have beneath your feet?

From space-planning to the natural lighting design, we have you covered.


Seattle Basement Remodels by RW Anderson


Considering a Basement Remodel

The first step is often to consider the proper allocation of all this new space. When you start dividing it up, it goes quickly. So design conversations begin with a realistic assessment of your goals for the new project: What do you absolutely need to add, what can you live without, and what will you add if there is room?

What do you intend to do with the added space? Use it for your expanding family? Maybe turn it into a place to entertain your friends all year long. Or perhaps you plan to rent it out.

Whatever use you have in mind, we will sit down and discuss your realistic options and how you achieve your goals for the space so that it's not only an enjoyable space, but safe and healthy, and a truly integrated part of your family home.

Safety features

With earthquake retrofitting, waterproofing features, and carbon monoxide prevention, we keep you and your family protected.

Experienced builders know well the safety and comfort considerations of underground construction. The most obvious of these is ensuring that your basement is fully waterproof. Typical sources of water getting into your home include condensation, runoff, and groundwater swelling. We check for potential issues and take the necessary steps to ensure that the new construction is safe from any water leaks before work begins.

Comfort and your enjoyment of your new Downstairs will also rely on having efficient airflow throughout the space. Not only does it help your "downstairs" smell as fresh as the rest of your home, but it can actually make your air safer to breathe. Proper airflow reduces allergens and dust as well as harmful gasses like radon and carbon monoxide.


Will your Seattle basement remodel feature a kitchen and bath? Will we have the opportunity to add that much-needed laundry room? We have established relationships with a network of subcontractors including skilled plumbers who help us plan anything you're looking to incorporate in your new basement, from a small powder room to a wet bar to a spa.

Maximize space and light

Two things can make or break a successful basement remodel: the height of the ceiling and the amount of natural light. If there is a shortage of either, your "downstairs" will actually feel like a "basement," which is not the desired outcome. Typically, in most areas, the minimum legal requirement is 7 feet. But that's just a baseline. The higher the ceiling, the more your downstairs will feel like a real extension of your home. We do what we can during the design phase to maximize head space, and review all your options with you at the start of your basement remodeling project.

Of course you want to maximize the amount of light reaching your new space, both natural and artificial. One tool at our disposal is the incorporation of well-designed egress windows. An egress window is essentially a well dug out around the window to not only allow light in, but also to provide an escape route in an emergency. It is required by building code to have two ways out of every bedroom in case of an emergency, and while the stairs or door are one route, an egress window is a great second option. This is a wonderful requirement, because windows bring natural light.

In addition to natural light, we'll work with you and our electrical subcontractor to create optimal lighting design. Recessed lighting is a common approach to add light without taking up head room. The type of lighting we use and the way it is arranged make all the difference.

Another way to maximize your space is to include built-in storage solutions like shelving, cupboards and closets. Efficient storage also makes the space more livable by reducing clutter.

Heat efficiency

Selecting a proper heating strategy is essential to making your remodel livable. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the drop in temperature in the winter will be that much more noticeable in a poorly-heated or insulated basement.

Our goal is that your Seattle basement remodel should feel just as cozy, bright and spacious as the rest of the house. That means proper HVAC planning is essential.

There are so many options to heat and insulate your new basement space, and we have the experience to help you choose the best basement heating option for your family. We first take a look at the existing heating system in your home and then provide other options to allow you to choose the most cost-effective and efficient for your home.

Is a basement remodel right for you?

It's not right for every home. But for some families, a seattle basement remodel is the perfect choice to improve the home and make life better in it every day.

Let's talk about your project.

We have extensive experience with basement models and can help you plan your family's big project.

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