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Bathroom Remodeling

An everyday luxury

It may be the smallest room in your home, but a Seattle bathroom remodel is a huge opportunity to transform the way you feel about your home.

It's the little things that make the difference. Get it right, and you'll find yourself transported each day to a place where every detail and amenity adds up to evoke the sensation of a spa getaway – if only for a few peaceful moments.


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Seattle Bathroom Remodels by RW Anderson


A bathroom remodel weighs practical needs and your taste for luxury.

A great bathroom design blends beauty and practicality, offering an orderly arrangement of furnishings and fixtures along with a pleasing design to reflect your personality and taste.

A bathroom is a tough space for many remodeling contractors, with many moving parts packed into small footprint – and there are the logistics of plumbing and electricity to manage.

That's why it's so important to work with a contractor who has an established network of designer and subcontractor relationships, as well as the project management experience to pull it all together.

Design: making choices for beauty and better living

Working with a builder who is passionate about design and who cares about the details is especially important in a bathroom, and particularly when completing a bathroom remodel that is challenged by space constraints.

Whether your bathroom remodeling project calls for a simple update of surfaces, or a major master bathroom overhaul, there are design choices to be made. We can help you select the best sink and shower options, choose fixtures for beauty and durability. There are more countertop options and materials than ever before, and we can help you identify stylish choices that will still look great when fashions change. We understand your flooring options and as with everything, we can present you with thousands of choices or help you narrow it down to suit your personal style. 

An efficient bathroom remodeling process

Successful bathroom remodeling – meaning that it is designed well and built well, completed on time, and on budget – requires skillful coordination by an experienced general contractor. Every step must be planned – every subcontractor scheduled – from the very beginning. The goal is to keep the process moving quickly and efficiently, so you don't have days go by between the completion of the plumber's work and the arrival of the electricians.

During your Seattle bathroom remodel, our process is designed to minimize disruption to your family life, and our remodeling project managers have been specially trained with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage this complex dance and see your bathroom remodel through to a successful completion.

In the end, your Seattle bathroom remodel is a great investment in the value of your home, and it can also be a wonderful way to make your home feel just a little more perfect every day.


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